Lexa Interview

This interview is with pre-Underworld Lexa.

Lexa sits in a cozy chair opposite me. She rests one arm on a fluffy pillow, her leg is bent beneath her. She looks comfortable and happy; her long black hair is pulled into a knot at the top of her  head, and she is wearing a pair of black, skinny overalls with a white shirt.  

Interviewer: Thank you so much for joining me today, Lexa.  

Lexa: *smiles* Oh, it’s my pleasure.

Interviewer: I wanted to start our interview with some questions about where you grew up and  your family. Can you tell us about your childhood?  

Lexa: Of course. I’m from Ionia, born and raised. My parents are professors. My mother, Eliska, is a painter and she teaches at the Ionia School of Art. My father, Adam, is a philosopher and teaches at the Ionia School of Philosophy. They always encouraged my creativity.

Interviewer: What did they think when you began practicing witchcraft?

Lexa: My mother is a witch, so it was a natural avenue to explore. My mother fed my  love for the Goddess Hecate.  

Interviewer: What do you love most about Lady Hecate?  

Lexa: Her energy. She’s powerful and beautiful, she is fearless and thoughtful, she is  unapologetic and dark. She is everything I hope to be.  

Interviewer: And what does your father think of you and your mother’s witchcraft?

Lexa: *laughs* My father is absolutely in love with my mother. He likes to tell people she put  him under a spell and made him fall madly in love with her. Of course, the only  spell was my mother’s beauty and kindness. He supports everything she does. He  supports everything I do, too.  

Interviewer: Are you more like your mother or father? 

Lexa: I hope I am like both of my parents. They are very kind, and they view the world  in such a beautiful way. I’d like to always see the world the way they do. 

Interviewer: Everything you say sounds so…dreamy.

Lexa: I view the world dreamily, I think. *laughs* 

Interviewer: What did you major in when you came to New Athens University?  Lexa: Classical Studies with a minor in art. 

Interviewer: And what is Classical Studies? 

Lexa: It is the study of our ancient history. I love the gods, but it really does go deeper  than their celebrity. I am interested in their personalities and their decisions, why  they took sides throughout history. Oh, I also declared a minor in art…that was  mostly for fun.  

Interviewer: And at what point did you meet Persephone? 

Lexa: I was kind of a creep. I saw her sitting outside the library one day. She was sort of impossible to miss. She just seemed to glow, but more than that…I don’t know…I  just felt like she looked at the world the way my parents did so I approached her  and asked if I could sit beside her. She said yes. I asked what she had been looking at because she’d seemed very intent upon something. She said she’d been  admiring the white poplar trees. Don’t tell her, but that was the moment I shipped  her and Hades.  

Interviewer: Did you have any inkling that Persephone was a goddess? 

Lexa: Not…a real goddess, but I always felt like she was a goddess anyway, if that  makes sense. She was always so desperate to make change and to help people. 

Interviewer: What’s your favorite thing about your relationship with her?

Lexa: *smiles* I love every moment with her. Her friendship is…peace. 

Interviewer: Speaking of Persephone, I suppose we must ask about Hades. What was your first  impression of the God of the Dead.  

Lexa: *giggles*  Well, he’s ridiculously handsome…tall…powerful. You can feel his power. It is electric. It is actually a little scary, but I also felt like he was very protective and  caring and with his knowledge of the world, a good lesson for Persephone.  

Interviewer: Lesson? 

Lexa: *laughs* Yes! Persephone had been so sheltered before she came to University. I mean, I  had met sheltered people before, but no one like her. She’d never really had  relationships before—romantic or not. After I found out she was a goddess, I  realized that even the friends she’d had prior to us meeting were only there  because they had to be. A relationship—a real one—would teach her a lot about  communication and compromise and the fun things like sex. HAHA. 

Interviewer: Speaking of sex…readers want to know… Have you ever witnessed  something…between Hades and Persephone…*cough* like what happened in the  kitchen…*cough* 

Lexa: *throws her head back, giddy with laughter* No, that was the ONLY time, thank the gods, but just because I didn’t walk in on  them, doesn’t mean I didn’t hear it…through the walls…multiple times. 

Interviewer: Okay, Lexa, last question: If you could marry one of the Divine, who would it be?

Lexa: *smiles sheepishly* I don’t want to speak it aloud.  

Interviewer: Why not? 

Lexa: I guess I have this fear that if I say it….it will never happen. Like a wish you  make before you break a wishbone.  

Interviewer: Fair enough—tell us this—god or goddess? 

Lexa: God. 

Interviewer: Upperworld or Underworld? 

Lexa: *blushes* Underworld. 

Interviewer: And how long have you had a…crush on this god? 

Lexa: Longer than memory.  

Interviewer: It has been a true pleasure, Lexa.  

Lexa: I feel the same. Thank you for having me.  

The End